Monday, July 17, 2006

(took this photo from strange angle to avoid glare on the glossy face- sorry for distortion.)

After writing this phrase, I journaled and processed it and then went to bed and woke up and journaled some more. The idea of truth invokes many emotions for me. On the surface, I first considered the idea that I want to know the truth and be told the truth. But, more deeply, I know that I want to also uncover my own truth, and this is probably more important than hearing the truth from others. I thought about subjective truth, and the kindness of trusting our subjective truths with others, and especially trying to understand our truths from the eyes of others. And then I really considered the intertwined and overlapping concepts of truth and trust. Self-trust as well as trust for others. Isn't it amazing what delicate machines we are and how durable we are all at the same time? Sometimes when I really try to wrap my head around it I wonder why we all don't just shatter into pieces. And then, the more I think about it, I realize how shattered many of us are, in the smallest and most fragile of places within our hearts. Truth (and lack thereof) has really confused me in my life. Everyone I love has hid big truths from me in order to protect me, and I recognize the loving intentions behind this. But I also struggle with this betrayal. Some people have hid truths from me to protect themselves. Most people don't know how beautiful the truth can be. Or maybe this perspective is only my truth.(if you are reading this as a syndicated feed from livejournal, can you please add a comment so I can see if I can read my syndicated comments there? Thanks.)


  1. someone recently told me, "if you treat everyone as though their heart is breaking, you will amost certainly be right." exposing our truths makes it safe for others to examine -- and hopefully release -- their own.

  2. Great page and insight Melanie. Thanks for putting this out there. I read your blog last night but wasn't in a "commenting" mood. I saw gl's comment and it has been HAUNTING me ever since! SO powerful!!! Take care.

  3. How true!!! we want to be sheltered to a certain degree but yes to avoid the truth is not how we should have to do that!!! love your pages you created and you insights on this!! awesome!!!

  4. Anonymous6:39 PM

    You say it beautifully. The words that I would have chosen if I were so aware...
    We all need more Truth from those close.
    Thanks for sharing, Joyce

  5. Anonymous7:00 PM

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