Tuesday, July 04, 2006

new blog

I am (re)joining blogger to share art, connect with other artists, play and inspire. This will be the home (mostly) for art-journal-ish type stuff, mixed media oddness, and other junk as I see fit.

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  1. I am not sure if you read your mom's email, but before today, I did not know how to contact you. So I emailed you at one of her addresses.

    I would like to send a small addition to the shrine, but I do not think that it will get there by the 25th.

    Vickie was a very special part of my online life, and was a WONDERFUL friend and support.

    It has been months since I have spoken to her. (It was May sometime)
    Hearing that she has passed on knocked my heart down. I learned about it Sunday morning, and mourned.

    Thank you for posting the info on the net.

    Your mom was so dear.
    I wish I had the chance to tell her directly.

    Amber Dawn