Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My art journaling style has heavy emphasis on the use of words, real journaling stuff. I see art as an extension of expression of the heart, but not the only expression. My art journal is a safe place to make art without needing to please an audience, worry about judgment. It's very therapeutic for me.

I am a social worker, and am designing a program of therapy that will heavily incorporate the use of art journaling for those who want to explore this medium. I hope to share these skills and philosophies with others in the art and therapy worlds through workshops, websites, and other connections.


  1. Bethany (ncsonggirl from LJ)8:38 AM

    oo I like this one a lot. Is this on fabric or paper? It's texture with the writing looks very fabric textured. I like! :)

  2. This is a super idea and think that you are right art can help with a lot of issues!! good luck with all your efforts I know they will help!!! Hugs Linda