Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I really love image transfers, and that's what I used on the right page- these were images scanned and printed on my laser printer, and then burned on to the page with a bunny burner. For a whole month I was totally hooked on this tool, especially because it also tranfers color photos. And then the love faded. It's very stubborn with very detailed images. It works better on laser copies than photocopies, but does so-so with toner.

The letters are rub-ons, which I also like, especially in those flippy little packs. I find rubbing letters very meditative, and it's a good process tool.

Every once in a while I turn to gloss craft paints and it makes me happy. Sometimes I hate it. It is a good background for opaque white pens. And speaking of these, it's hell to find a good one. Pentouch has my vote for opaqueness and thin line quality.

My watercolor backgrounds are done with Peerless Watercolors, which continue to have my heart. I tried Dr PhM for a while, which come out blotchy when I try to use them straight from the bottle and they stain my hands. Although their colors are pretty, Peerless still wins for ease of application, portability, and happy watercoloring for my journals. It's really easy to play with intensity depending on how wet you get the sheets, and they last a long time.

This Frida page is more recent- made from a stencil I designed and cut. These pages are mostly playing with techniques, sewing, lots of odds and ends I picked up at SCRAP. (I have $5 SCRAP gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket.)


  1. Anonymous6:56 PM

    I love the 'dangerous games'. The blue and black look so good together and the gate is just the best. Thanks for providing the Pentouch link. I will definitely be trying it out.

  2. WOW love your art!!! and sorry didn't find your site sooner but have you listed on my blog now and of course bookmarked and I'll be back!!
    and I too love peerless water colors! esp when altering an actualy photo looks so cool!!! thanks for the inspiration!! hugs Linda

  3. Anonymous6:58 AM

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