Tuesday, August 19, 2008

cataloging my yard

So I have never been a green thumb. I've never really planted anything, except the bean in 3rd grade that we soaked between those funky brown paper towls from the bathroom and then planted in tiny dixie cups. Or once the potato with toothpicks holding it one side down in the water. But since then, nothing. So this summer I planted my first ever garden, mostly all from seed, and I am amazed that the stuff has come out of the ground. It's a miracle, the whole concept, food growing from these tiny little seeds. It at once amazes and delights me. I am picking cherry tomatoes off the bush as fast as they grow, plopping them straight away in to my mouth while they are still warm from the sun. I am forever trying to push away the sunflowers that have (to my surprise) shot up about 8 feet straight in to the air and are shielding the sun from my cucumbers and beans.

Anyway, now I am on a mission to figure out what all these green things are in my yard. Besides the vegetables, these were here when we moved in and get very little maintenence from me. Can you help me identify the things that are still strangers to me?

1. giant sunflowers with giant leaves and stalks, but no flowers. (where are the flowers???)

2. pole beans

3. strawberries

4. green califlour (not producing, prob too close together)
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  1. the sunflowers, do they at least have buds? i'm not an expert gardener, but it might have something to do with pollination - the bee populations have been in trouble lately.

  2. no buds, no anything... but tons of bees in the garden, they love the cucumber